AMPs Training Programs

Training is Key to success in any condition monitoring and reliability maintenance programs.
Our training programs include:

  • AMPs Basic vibration training
  • Ceritified vibration training ISO Category I, II & III
  • Customized vibration training
  • Turbo Machinery & fluid film bearing training, basic and advanced
  • Balancing
  • Hardware and instrumentation
  • Software tools
  • Data aquisition
  • Products:
    • Pruftechnik vibration and alignment instruments
    • SDT Ultrasonic instruments

Asset management and reliability training


Everyone must start somewhere. Whether you are new to reliability improvement and need a way to get up to speed, or if you wish to understand the complete holistic view of reliability and performance improvement because you are considering beginning a program, the ARP-A “Reliability Advocate” course is the perfect place to start

This course is the best way to master reliability engineering. You will learn a broad range of essential topics like; Criticality analysis, FMECA & RCM, work and spare management, all condition monitoring techniques and much, much more.

Success in reliability leadership comes from understanding the value of the program (and communicating that value), having a detailed strategy, and engaging with the entire organization so everyone is pulling in the same direction. Those topics are the main focus of this training course.

AMPs is an authorized training and examination centre of Mobius institute.