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DNV & ABS certification

We are certified through DNV and ABS

Asset Management and Predictive Solutions

Taking your maintenance program to the highest level of efficiency. Add value to your industrial maintenance strategy.

Our Mission

Help our customers to increase reliability with our customized PdM solutions and world class competence. All at a balance of cost.

Our vision

Be recognized as the PREMIUM partner for Reliability maintenance and Predictive maintenance, with a team of experts covering all types of machinery, for troubleshooting, commissioning, and predictive maintenance, including training and mentoring programs.

Our Goal

Offer great value to our customers by providing competitive affordable solutions together with the highest expertise in machine diagnostics; setting up world class Asset Management & PdM programs in addition to wide range of training and mentoring programs.


AMPs AS is a leading provider of full range of products and services focused on providing the best practice to improve plant reliability and managing assets.

Why AMPs for vibration analysis?

Vibration Analysis is our core competency. AMPs has a team of vibration experts with +25 years of experience and ISO category IV certified engineers, using cutting edge technology and vibration data acquisition equipment with unsurpassed analytic capabilities.

AMPs provides top of the line Vibration Analysis programs for our clients, in any industry. We have the best expertise and software to diagnose your equipment’s most difficult failure modes. Our certified analysts are capable of troubleshooting and isolating common, as well as complex problems that can occur in today’s manufacturing facilities.

Condition Monitoring is more than detecting ongoing problems. By using the data correct, you can avoid problems, reduce the number of failures, and increase reliability.
In combination with our asset management and reliability services, we are a trusted partner for increased reliability.

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